Collection: Facility Care

Facility Care Products

Simplify your facility cleaning with Zyax's top-quality products. Whether it's your house, office, or hotel, we have everything you need for a sparkling clean space. From cleaning liquids and sprays to facility care essentials, our range includes household cleaners, air fresheners, floor cleaners, leather and furniture care products, and more.

Zyax's facility products are tough on stains. Our best toilet bowl cleaner liquid is formulated to effectively remove lime scale stains, organic soil, stubborn stains, grime, and malodor from all types of toilet bowls and urinals. It leaves a fresh clean smell, ensuring your bathroom is hygienic and inviting.

For hard water applications, our hard water bathroom stain remover is specially formulated for bathroom fittings and walls, such as tubs, tiles, sinks, and fittings. Need a streak-free shine on glass and mirrors? Our glass cleaner liquid quickly dries and leaves a sparkling finish on all types of glass surfaces.

Maintaining high hygiene standards is crucial, especially in busy places like offices. Our floor stain remover for home is effective for both wet mopping and machine scrubbing, keeping your floors spotless. In the bathroom, Antibacterial bathroom cleaner works wonders on all surfaces, removing dirt and grime effectively while leaving a refreshing fragrance.

In addition to our cleaning range, we offer facility care essentials like toilet bowl cleaner, hard water bathroom cleaner, glass cleaner, floor cleaner, stain remover spray , tap and shower cleaner spray all types of hard surface cleaner , transparent waterproof adhesive glue, and gym wipes.

For all your cleaning needs, Zyax provides a wide selection of high-quality products to ensure your space is clean, fresh, and welcoming.