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Home Care Essentials Products

Simplify your home cleaning with Zyax's top-quality products. We've got everything you need for a sparkling home, from house cleaning liquids and sprays to home care essentials. Our range includes household cleaners, air fresheners, floor cleaners, leather and furniture care products, and more.

Zyax's homecare products are tough on stains but gentle on your clothes. Our All-Purpose Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner spray effectively eliminates viruses and bacteria without the harshness of bleach, leaving your home fresh and clean. Our Glass Cleaner ensures sparkling glass surfaces, and our gym wipes remove germs, sweat, and grime without damaging workout equipment.

For wood and leather care, our Wood Furniture Polish Spray and Leather & Wood Shine products will make your furniture look like new. They nourish, protect, and revitalize wood and leather surfaces.

In addition to our cleaning range, we offer home care essentials like alcohol free room freshener ,pet cage cleaner sprays , all-purpose caustic soda , Epsom salt , Borax powder, and 99.9% Pure Isopropyl Alcohol. For all your cleaning needs, Zyax has a wide selection of high-quality products. Buy house cleaning liquid spray, wooden furniture polish spray, Leather and wood shiner , home care products, and more, and simplify your home cleaning routine.