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Mr. RX

Mr. RX N5 Air Freshener

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Mr. RX N5 is perfect for deodorizing your guestrooms, lobbies, banquet halls and office. It is a water based air freshener having a refreshing & soothing perfume.

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WHY: Mr. RX N5 Air Freshener is a water-based air freshener having a refreshing & soothing perfume. It does not use ozone-depleting aerosols.

WHERE: Perfect for deodorising small or large spaces like your Guestrooms, Lobbies, Banquet Halls, Offices, Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Workspaces and Public Spaces.

HOW: Mr. RX N5 Air Freshener is a ready-to-use product. Just spray a couple of triggers upwards, away from you, into the center of the room, and close the door. For rooms with tobacco or other strong odours and in very large rooms, spray additionally as required.

SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS: Rinse and dry hands after use. For prolonged contact, protection for the skin is required. The use of safety glasses is recommended in those cases where handling the undiluted product involves a risk of splashing into the eyes.

Mr. RX by ZYAX: We manufacture an extensive range of products for the automotive, heavy industry, and residential consumers with a vision to create non-dangerous but equally effective chemicals. Our chemists constantly investigate scientific technology that could produce safer alternatives. Explore our cleaning care range of Mr. RX N1-N9 specialised products for cleaner, shinier homes, and workspaces.