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Pool Maxx

Pool Maxx Peroxide 25 Test Strips

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Pool Maxx Hydrogen Peroxide strips are ready to use strips to determine the peroxide traces in the swimming pools and spas.

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ON THE GO test strips are ready to use and don't need any extra equipment. Quick and precise determination of peroxide, Just dip and read.

FAST & EFFECTIVE RESULTS Pool Maxx test strips give you quick and immediate results with simple analysis and reliable results.

HOW TO USE Dip and move back and forth, wait for a while, and read off the results. It is that easy.

SEMI QUANTITAIVE TEST STRIPS for the determination of peroxide. ideal for rapid and easy analysis of Peroxide directly on site.

NON-HARMFUL AND SAFE TO USE They are not only simple to use, but they are also non-hazardous and can be used with bare hands. No precautions are necessary.