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Pool Maxx

Zyax Clear Maxx - Pool Flocculant

Zyax Clear Maxx - Pool Flocculant

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Clear Maxx is a water-correcting solution that works quickly and efficiently against cloudy water by clumping the particles together.

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FAST ACTION & EFFECTIVE IN REMOVING CLOUDING - You won’t have to wait days for a flocculant to do its job now with Clear Maxx! The clouding particles will get clumped together and deposit at the bottom of your pool in a matter of a few hours after application. ZYAX Clear Maxx keeps these particles together, until you remove them. No stragglers left behind making cloudy spots in the pool and leaving it clean and easy!
IDEAL FOR SAND AND DIATOMACEOUS EARTH (DE) FILTERS - These filters normally have multi-port valves that include a “Waste” setting, it’s easy to bypass the filter when removing the clumped particles after using ZYAX Clear Maxx.
FOR BEST RESULTS - Test and balance water prior to use. Adjust pH to 7.5-8.0 and free chlorine to 1-4 ppm.
IMPORTANT TO NOTE – Please read the instructions, precautions, and conditions on the product label carefully before use for best results.