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Pool Maxx

Zyax 25 kg, Glass Filter Media for Swimming Pool Filtration

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Pool Maxx Glass Filter Media can prevent biofouling, is self-sterilising, more cost-efficient, longer-lasting and engineered to remove impurities such that it does not need to be recharged or replaced.

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Glass Filter Media works across salt water, chlorine and natural pools; with the sand in your pool filter simply needing replacement with Pool Maxx’s Glass Filter Media.
It works at all temperatures and with any oxidation method & no purchase of any further equipment.
While Silica sand lasts for 1-2 years, Glass Media lasts up to 10 years.
Reduces the presence of bacteria.
Reduces the backwash time & required cycles, thus generating water savings of over 50%. This enables more efficiency and less equipment maintenance due to lower constraint on your filter system.