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Zyax Chloro MAXX 90 - Chlorine Granules

Zyax Chloro MAXX 90 - Chlorine Granules

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ZYAX Chloro MAXX 90 TCCA 90 Pool Water Treatment Granules Pool Surface Protection, Sunlight Protection, Stops Algae.

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POOL WATER TREATMENT GRANULES – ZYAX CHLORO MAXX 90 is available in both granule and tablet forms, perfect for cleaning, disinfecting and maintenance of pools and similar circulating bodies of water. Please follow the instructions on the recommended method of using the products.
CHLORINE BASED FORMULA – ZYAX CHLORO MAXX 90 uses Trichloroisocyanuric Acid as its main component which disinfects and cleans swimming pools, fountains and more, achieving crystal clear and clean water. Provides long-term effects in keeping your swimming pools free from bacteria and algae.
OUTSTANDING SOURCE OF CHLORINE FOR SANITATION - CHLORO MAXX 90 is an outstanding source of chlorine for controlling befoulment of swimming pools. This chemical has been proved to be a superior and more economical substitute to sodium hypochlorite and bleaching powder for chlorination.
EASY TO HANDLE, SHIP, APPLY & STORE - Easy to handle, ship, store and apply, the chemical is helpful in saving the cost of dosing equipment. The chemical is used to keep swimming pools safe.